Do not imagine that this is the game you remember playing in the backyard growing up. It has its similarities, but “competitive croquet” is quite a bit more challenging than the backyard variety. Still a time-honored ball-and-mallet game that has been played all around the world (including at the South Pole) for centuries, competitive croquet is a game of strategy, skill, and tactics that can have a serious look to it, while still being full of fun and amusement.

We recently found mention of the possible introduction of croquet to the Club in 1904 (four years after it was an Olympic event at the Paris games), and we thought it would be fun to give it a go in the 21st century.

This is an experimental development for 2019, and one of our members who has personal experience in competitive croquet is providing instruction. The Club is providing the necessary equipment in order that anyone interested can give it a try. We hope sufficient interest in the game is displayed so we can make this an exciting, more-permanent, addition to the Ekwanok experience.